Cans, plastic bags … shopping carts?

Trash of all kinds removed during Luria Park cleanup


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Photos by Keith Peterson

Some 40 volunteers fanned out across the Luria Park woods on Saturday morning. They returned with 33 bags of trash, 12 bags of recyclables, 16 tires and other assorted detritus.

Dan Schwartz, of the Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District, organized the event as part of the Alice Ferguson Foundation’s Potomac River Watershed Cleanup. He estimated the weight of the 33 bags of trash at nearly 500 pounds. An additional 160 pounds of large loose trash — including fencing, a shopping cart, a fire extinguisher and a ping pong table — was collected, not to mention the 16 (very heavy) tires.

The volunteers included young and old, folks from the neighborhood and those who live further downstream. Thanks to everyone who pitched in to make the Holmes Run stream valley a bit cleaner!

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